Exclusive track in the Time Leap Store
October 27, 2016

Night Sky - You Are Not Alone (Active Visions Remix) is now available exclusively in the Time Leap Store.

Birth Of The Universe Part II available!
August 28, 2016

You can now purchase Part II of Night Sky's Birth Of The Universe exclusively from the Time Leap Store.

Re-launch of Time Leap Records
January 4, 2016

Time Leap Records launched in the spring of 2013. This year we are celebrating our third anniversary and as part of our anniversary we are re-launching the label. What this means is an even higher focus on quality melodic tracks. We will also release orchestral pieces recorded live by an orchestra, for which music scores and parts will be available. The cover art for our releases has also been re-designed to better reflect our vision. Moreover, we aim at putting more focus on the Time Leap Store which will feature exclusive content not available in any other stores.

Our anniversary kicks off with the release of Afternova's Forever Young at the 1st of March.

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Latest Release

Northern Skyline - Summer

Summer is here, and Northern Skyline is back on Time Leap Records with a track paying tribute to the season. This is listening trance at its finest, where the melody is in focus.

Read more | July 6, 2017


Present & Future

Afternova - Forever Young Afternova - Memories Night Sky - Birth Of The Universe Northern Skyline - Sunrise Night Sky - You Are Not Alone Night Sky - Still Standing Night Sky - Akira (Div 4 Remix) Third Point - One Last Time Afternova - Breaking Dawn (2017 Rework) Northern Skyline - Summer


Afternova - A Summer Day Active Visions - Pure Energy Night Sky - Endorphine Night Sky - Endorphine (Afternova Remix) Afternova - Winter Dust Third Point - Intensify Night Sky - Summer Nights Active Visions - Smile Afternova - By Your Side (2014 Remake) Afternova - Breaking Dawn Active Visions - Skyline Night Sky - Summer Nights (Afternova Remix) Active Visions - Smile (Night Sky Remix) Night Sky - Sakura Northern Skyline - A New Beginning Night Sky - Akira Active Visions - Rendezvous Active Visions - Ayumu Northern Skyline - Affinity


Time Leap Records was launched in the spring of 2013, with the intention of releasing premium orchestral and trance music. Our focus is music with memorable melodies and themes. Learn more...


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